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Acts of domination and patriarchal violence from the architecture

[Ximena Ríos + Comunal]

"Acts of domination and patriarchal violence from the architecture" is a campaign carried out in collaboration with Ximena Ríos. It arises from the need to reflect in a self-critical and profound way on the violence and acts of domination that are exercised from the profession of architecture against women, their families, peoples and territories. We know that there are different types of violence (which we cannot cover in this reflection) and that each of them does not operate in isolation. On the contrary, these types of violence are part of an interdependent and articulated system that generates social inequalities, which is why they must be approached from a systemic perspective and from the paradigm of complexity.


For us it is not enough to ask for recognition and equal salary as architects. We must ask ourselves how to break, from the architectural practice, with the violence that is exerted on other women, their families and their territories. This is why we consider it urgent to rethink together, in a collective, congruent and ethical way, the ways of managing, designing and producing our habitat, questioning ourselves: What actions reproduce violence from architecture in the multiple dimensions of the habitat? What thoughts and conceptions of architecture reproduce acts of domination over women?

If you want to know more about Ximena's work, visit her site.

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