Self-Build manual


The project "Integral Reconstruction of the Habitat in Guendalizaa" is an initiative of the "Comité Ixtepecano para la Defensa de la Vida y el Territorio", who together with the "Universidad de la Tierra" of Oaxaca and "Comunal: Taller de Architecture" have worked, since 2018, this process of comprehensive accompaniment to families for the reconstruction of their homes, taking into account the culture of the place, the use of local materials and construction systems, the complexity of living and the strengthening of the community subject through the recovery of the Guendalizaa [mutual aid in Zapotec].


The importance of making this manual lies in the high percentage of families that are rebuilding their homes through self-construction and self-production processes without any accompaniment, requiring comprehensive technical and social support for the structural security of their homes. Based on this reality, we decided to develop a graphic tool that could function as a guide for the self-production processes that families are carrying out, strengthening the technical training workshops that are taught in the territory.

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